As your willing and able accomplice we are ready to help you premeditate your transition into private practice and take action on your entrepreneurial goals. If you are already in private practice you can also benefit from the portfolio building tools you'll find in our Massage Business Plan Breakout Series. After all, a good plan is a consistent work-in-progress. And, when that progressive work is fueled by meaningful focus and genuine creativity, it becomes a passion that will drive your business forward like nothing else. That is why, in the first module of our Breakout Series, we take some time to identify ALL of the reasons that you want to be in private practice in the first place. Remember that knowing HOW to manage your business makes you responsible. Fueling your business with the energy of your biggest goals and dreams makes you UNSTOPPABLE!


We are going to take a guess and say that you probably have a few business ideas already rolling around in your head. But they won't help you if they are in there just chasing each other around. No, you have to document them. Get them out of your head and into the world and they will feel even more real than they already do. Those brilliant ideas are the tools you must use to set yourself free! To assist you with this process we would like to share Portfolio Section One of our Massage Business Breakout Series with you FOR FREE! 

Yes, I need that!